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What is it?

Emmaus is a 30 hour overnight worship retreat consisting of vertical worship, intentional community, and engaging messages. We want to bring people together just to worship Jesus, spend time with each other, and hopefully be challenged to grow deeper in our faith.

Where and when?

Emmaus will be held at Harvest Hills, in Delaware Ohio. Harvest Hills is a beautiful 35-acre ranch in rural Delaware. Labor Day weekend 2019. The kickoff service will be at 6pm on Sunday September 1st and you can arrive anytime after 1:00pm.

What will we be doing?

We’ll worship with amazing leaders from right here in Ohio. We’ll be challenged and engage in conversations and activations with local speakers, teachers, and artists through powerful breakout sessions. We’ll eat delicious food from some great food trucks we have lined up! We’re also working to set up a prayer walk, corporate communion, and a songwriting session.

Who will be speaking?

We have selected spiritual leaders and artists that are chasing after unity, working to get Christianity out of the church, and guiding us to embrace the messiness of life. We’re pumped to have a schedule full of speakers and artists who are ready to have a good time! We’re in the process of finalizing the schedule for the sessions, but will release the full schedule a few weeks ahead of the event!

Where will I sleep?

On the ranch with us!!! If you aren’t into sleeping in a tent there are hotels nearby, but do hotels have s’mores? No. They don’t. So grab a tent and live out your inner Survivor Man with us!

So, like, is this whole thing outside?

Ideally, yes. But we have contingency plans if it rains. This thing is going down rain or shine!

How does camping work?

It’s easy. You show up. Pick one of the designated camping spots. And pitch a tent! All the spots are first-come, first-serve.

What can I bring to make camping less, uhhh, primitive?

A chair, definitely bring a chair. We would also recommend an inflatable or foam sleeping pad. A blow up mattress if you have one. Pillow. Bug spray. Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Shade tent. Headlamp or flashlight.

What's the plan with food?

Food trucks! We’ll release a schedule a few days out. YUMMMM!

Can my kids come?

Of course! Ours will be there. We won’t have any childcare though, so bring kids at your own risk 😊

Do my kids need a ticket?

Depends. Children 12 and under are free. If they are 13 or older they’ll need a ticket.

Why are you doing this?

Good question. The idea for Emmaus was sparked out of time spent at United Pursuit’s Reunion Weekend https://reunion.unitedpursuit.com/. If you haven’t heard of United Pursuit or Reunion, check them out! I was invited to speak at Reunion 2018 and after we got back from Reunion my brother-in-law and I started dreaming up what it might look like to bring together people from all over this region to spend a weekend away from the confines of life and focused on Christ, community, and conversations. Our prayer is that we would find a deeper knowing of Christ within each other, ourselves, and our brokenness. We believe that unity, in Christ and as one body, is always the call of the church, so we haven’t limited this to one city, one denomination, one voice, or one style of worship. We have intentionally partnered with churches and ministries across the region that are diverse, yet have one thing in common: chasing after Christ no matter what the cost.